These magical expositions continue with the chapter called 'Lokastallr', where instructions concerning how to create the proper Thursian Altar of Loki and its tools, materials, and elements are given.

In the succeeding chapter called 'Ŝursakyngisbók Loka' the book continues to describe and explain certain important elements of the Lokian Sorcery, such as the specific incenses, offerings, the fire steel talisman and the fires of Loki and many other implements by which the webs of magic are created, the Thursian spells are cast and the Antagonistic Forces of the Giants reached and employed.
The grimoire closes with the chapter 'Blótbók Loka', which gives the invocations and prayers of the Thursian Cult, granting so to the reader all that is needed in order to cultivate the Fires of Loki, to burn within and light up the path leading to the hidden essence of the Instigator of the World Fire, through which all shall be made cleansed and freed.

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