Limited leatherbound edition of 49 copies, bound to large size black goat hide. Manuscript is handsewn on black goat hide which has been cut into the shape of a < rune. The bottom 2-folded flap is folded first, and has the Heljarfærir bindrune stamped into the flap-part which covers the front of the book. The 3-folded flap to the right is folded around the book so that the <-shape end sits on top of the book's front side. The two leather strings are wrapped around the book.

Leatherbound edition consisting 49 books will be crafted in two working phases; the first batch of books ready for 31.12.2016. The remaining books will be crafted ready during January- February 2017. Due changes happened in reservations a few books are now available from the limited leatherbound edition which will be finished ready by Feb 2017.

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Regular edition of 950 copies. Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. Frontcover debossed with a Sword and golden Útgarðaloki stamping. 270 pages. Illustrated, includes symbols and sigils related to the ritual work. ‘Loki Þursakyndill’, ‘Útgarðaloki’, ‘Þursagreip’, and ‘Þursakyngi Monogram’ illustrations by David Thiérrée. The Pine photography by Darby Lahger. Available at



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