This book will be for the Seekers of the Giant's Path; those that seek the ancient wisdom through the experience and Illumination of the forces Chaos. The main topics in this series of books will focus spiritual workings, rune mysteries, practical sorcery, High Thursian Magic, religious aspects and worship of the divinity of Nifl and Muspell, interpretation and understandings of the Norse mythology and gigantology, Hel-workings, synthesis of pre-Christian Norse, gnostic and LHP perspectives, lycanthropy and different forms of shape-shifting within the Hamr-workings and much more, manifesting a practical path of the religio-sorcerous cult of the titanic forces referred to as Thurses.


Heill hinu hungrađa tómi, upphafi ok endi alls!
Heill árkröftum Ginnungagaps!
Heill kyni țursa!

This is the first part of a series of Thursian Grimoires that will be published under the title Țursakyngi. It will be a series of books regarding a chain of subjects related to the Thursatru Tradition.

The first in the series is The Essence of Thursian Sorcery, which is an outline for the foundation of the Thursatru Tradition, its roots being in pre-Christian Norse traditions and certain Gnostic streams; along with its established customs and praxis.

There will be numerous books in the series, e.g. Practical Thursian Sorcery, which is a grimoire holding the religious and sorcerous practices within the existent Cult of the Thurses.

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