Leatherbound talisman edition. Limited edition of 60 copies, full leatherbound in black goatskin, accompanied with a talisman made of a piece of goat horn, carved, inscribed and blessed individually by Ekortu. The manuscript is bound in goatskin (the Goat as a totemic animal stands for independence and surefootedness), the sigil of Thursacross blindstamped on the cover, a leather envelope has been placed inside the manuscript for the safekeeping of the talisman, die-cut runes decorate the inner flaps. Frontflap is shaped into form of Ž rune, and the leather envelope is modeled into shape of U rune to let the outer form of this talismanic edition also present its inner qualities and through such manifesting bless the new seeker on the Thursian Path with wisdom, strength, and Power. Handcrafted Talisman edition will be ready in March-April 2015. SOLD OUT.

Look at professional photos of the Regular Edition by Darby Lahger (Old Hag) here >>

And the Talisman Edition here >>


Regular edition. First Edition of 677 copies. Hardcover book bound in black leatherette. Frontcover debossed with a Sword and golden Dragon stamping. 279 pages including 20 pages glossy photograph chapter. Dragon with serpents illustration by Robert Cook (Norot) and photography by Darby Lahger (Old Hag).



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